Analyze and Optimize Expenses

Expense management solutions for your business to avoid overspending

Services To Have Total Control Over Expenses

Accounts Receivables

Streamline all your payment receivables into a single dashboard and manage dues with ease. Get better revenue insights.


Accounts Payables

Streamline your approval and payment processes in one platform. Also upload invoices and have billing data captured in seconds.


Budget Expenses

Track expenditure in real-time. Set spend limits to avoid overspending and categorise business expenses the right way.


Invoice Management

Create, send & manage invoices effortlessly. Get a bird’s eye view of cashflow, set up payment reminders and relax.


Vendor Payments Management

Track all your vendor data and discover pricing insights in one convenient place.


Employee Reimbursements

Manage employee out-of-pocket expenses and get insights on the expenses.


Corporate Cards

Simplify Banking for your Organization

  • Get a Business Account to receive and send payments in one platform
  • Corporate cards for your team to manage physical or online expenses
  • Replace petty cash with cards while controlling and tracking expenses
  • Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly spending limits
  • Use it for employee tax benefits